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Collage of kindy kid photo examples by Kristina at Of Light and Lens Photography

Daycare and Kindy Photography

They are only young once. Daycare, kindergarten and small school photography that captures the magic.

It's a cliche, but it's true. Kids grow so fast! Annual kindy photographs can be a wonderful way to keep a record of these early years. But - parents today are super image savvy. Your smartphone can take better photographs than your grandparents used to go and sit in a studio for. There are more photos chronicling this generation's growth than ever before. So they want more from childcare and kindy photography. The old fashioned single head shot isn't the must have item of years gone by.

What I do differently

My style of photography is styled as a mini-session for each child. I spend a little extra time to capture a range of expressions and present the best of these in a secure online gallery for each family for them to choose their favourites. No more deer in headlights looks. Instead I strive to bring out the personality of each child. Parents can choose to purchase as many or as few images as they choose. As well as traditional prints on archival photographic paper, I offer modern display options such as acrylic display tiles as affordable add on options. And yes, you can get the digitals!

How does photo day work?

You want a photographer for your centre who works with you to create gorgeous memories for your centre families. You want a photographer who makes the whole process run smoothly with minimal effort required of you. You want a photographer who fits in with centre routines. Someone who makes it fun.

I usually schedule sessions over the course of a few mornings, depending on the size of your centre. Morning sessions catch the children at their freshest. And then I can be out of your hair for lunchtime and afternoon naps.

Photo galleries are available to families within 2 weeks of the last photo day at the centre. All ordering is done online, with payment accepted via Paypal or bank transfers. Prints ordered by the centre order close date are delivered to the centre in just 3 weeks from close of orders.

2021 Dates Still Available!

There are still good dates available for 2021 photos. Book now for later in the year to avoid disappointment!

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Collage of kindy kid photo examples by Kristina at Of Light and Lens Photography

Kindy/Daycare Example images

Is my style of kindy photography a good fit for your centre?

  • You want quality photography for your centre families. Photos parents will love.
  • You want a photographer who offers your families a choice of images and a range of value package options.
  • You want your families to have the option to add on quality products in addition to traditional lustre prints if they choose.
  • You don't want the hassle of collecting orders and money - you want the photographer to handle all this with an easy online system.
  • You don't mind the idea of having your centre photos over a few days - in fact, now that I mention it, you think it's not such a bad idea! Photo times are typically scheduled for mornings when the children are fresher, and it allows variable daily attendance to be catered for. And despite spending longer per child, I can be out of the way for nap time and the like.

I'm not the right photographer for your centre if

  • You want a photographer who is really fast, spending only a super short time per child, and is only at the centre for a few short hours. My style of photography and generating a gallery of quality images for each family to choose from takes a little extra time.
  • You want a commission on sales. Commission on sales comes from your families' pockets. I want to keep my prices affordable whilst still renumerating me for my time and expenses. However, I have some great centre benefits that are independent of centre sales totals.
  • You want the cheapest price on kindy and daycare photography. My style of photography takes more of my time per child, both when taking the photographs and processing afterwards. I do charge more to cover my costs of providing a premium service.
  • You only want a traditional single head shot of each child. Sure, I can do this, but what I love about what I do is the chance to capture more than just one expression from each child. This lets their individual personality shine. There is no obligation for parents to buy any images. My approach ensures that, even if a parent only chooses to buy one image, that image will be a better image than I would achieve with a single snap because typically children relax in a slightly longer session as I establish a rapport and respond with more natural expressions.

Does it sound like we could be a good fit? Want to learn more about my daycare and kindy photography service? Contact me to arrange a no-obligation chat!

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