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Collage of portrait images by Kristina at Of Light and Lens Photography

Images that make an impact

Perfectly Imperfect. Brisbane photo sessions that are fun and beautiful.

Hi! I'm Kristina, photographer at Of Light and Lens Photography. I'm Brisbane based and specialise in capturing images that make an impact.


Kindy aged girl at the top of a slide

Family photography on location or in studio.


Kindy aged girl at the top of a slide

I'm excited to announce I am now offering daycare and kindergarten photography.


Spiral Orchid fusion belly dancer with LED Isis wings in motion on extended exposure

In the studio or onstage. For whatever age or stage you are at.


Birman cat in the studio

I could have included this with "Family". Because pets are part of the family after all! But these special family members deserve some galleries all of their own.

I know you want more than just a photo

You've got a smartphone. Maybe even a proper camera. You take lots of photos of your family yourself. You're not lacking in captured memories. You don't need me to do that for you.

But a wow image that deserves pride of place up on the wall? Well, that magic shot eludes you.

One that has everyone in at the same time? Yes, well, you do try to make some of those. But then you get your arm fattened by perspective on the group selfie shot, or unattractive double chins from trying to pull back as far from the camera as you could. So you tried timer release, because a nice family group shot is important to you so you're going to put the effort in. All spontenaity is lost and at least half of the family have stiff frozen smiles and at least one of you has blinked at the very moment the shutter was triggered. Well, were just starting to blink actually, and so they have that weird eyes half closed look going on.

These shots you take yourself are still important and have a place in your family history. But that place is not on the wall or a gorgeous album on your coffee table. They fall short of your vision. They aren't as gorgeous as you know your family really is.

You want extraordinary shots. You don't want to be thinking after a photo shoot "gee, I could have done better myself". You want that gorgeous picture up on your wall. Or a fabulous album of all your images.

That's where I can help.

Cath and Ruby

My trick for fabulous photos is playing with the light. My favorite types of photo shoots are at sunset, where nature provides the most gorgeous light, or in the studio where I can manipulate the light to create my own type of magic.

Please take some time to browse my galleries of images on this site, and be sure to pop over and take a look at my Facebook and Instagram pages. If you like what you see, give me a "Like!"

Check out my photo shoot and print packages for more details, or contact me to discuss a photo session perfectly tailored to you.

girl in the middle of bubbles

Announcing The Bubble Photo Experience!

Kids + bubbles = gorgeous photos. For more information on package options, head to my Bubbles Experience page.

a young boy in the dark with fairy lights draped around his shoulders casting their glow on his face